New PortionPro Rx™ Receives Extraordinary Response at NAVC Introduction

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New PortionPro Rx™ Receives Extraordinary Response at NAVC Introduction

Unique veterinary medical device fulfills unmet need for food access control in multi-­‐pet environments.

BURLINGTON, Conn., February 27, 2017 – How do you successfully feed a therapeutic diet to an individual pet in a multi-­‐pet home? The answer to this question, the unique new prescribable solution PortionPro Rx, was previewed with virtually universal accolades by more than 900 veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and researchers from 19 countries and 44 states at the recent North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) held in Orlando, Florida.

Company leaders from Vet Innovations Inc., including the inventor of PortionPro Rx Dr. Troy Hexter, introduced this unique veterinary medical device designed to help reverse and prevent pet obesity to conference attendees through ongoing interactive demonstrations. PortionPro Rx was enthusiastically received with the display area ranking in the top 10% of reported NAVC booth visitation.

PortionPro Rx uniquely integrates patented Pet Field Communication™ (PFC) technology to identify individual pets and control access to food. It automatically dispenses timed, portion-­‐controlled food to a specific dog or cat while preventing access by all others.

“We’ve needed a solution like this for many years to enable convenient feeding of individual pet diets, including prescription regimens, in multi-­‐pet homes,” says Dr. Alison Forrest of Pine Ridge Pet Clinic in Deltona, Florida, who previewed PortionPro Rx at NAVC. “PortionPro Rx will make it much easier to feed needed therapeutic or specialty diets to selected pets to manage medical conditions and control weight. Many of my multi-­‐pet parents could use this new technology now.”

For the more than 53 million U.S. households with multiple pets, turf battles and food stealing often complicate pet mealtimes. To feed individual diets in a houseful of pets, pet parents must closely monitor and/or separate pets at mealtimes – an often inconvenient, stressful, chaotic, and ultimately ineffective exercise.

“I developed the PortionPro Rx to simplify multi-­‐pet mealtimes and make feeding compliance easier in my own home and for my clients,” says Hexter, who is also a practicing veterinarian in Connecticut. “It was beyond my expectations to see the incredible reception at NAVC and hear how our access control technology will help so many pets and their families.”

New PortionPro Rx™ Receives Extraordinary Response at NAVC Introduction

The response at the NAVC was so positive that Vet Innovations will bring the PortionPro Rx interactive display to the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas from March 5 to 9, 2017. Visit us at Booth 916.

“We’re moving full speed ahead now to bring this prescribed solution to veterinarians and pet parents later this year,” says Bob LaRoche, president and chief executive officer, Vet Innovations. “The NAVC launch feedback confirms the importance of PortionPro Rx in fulfilling a widespread unmet need for food access control in multi-­‐pet environments in the United States, Canada, and beyond.”

PortionPro Rx will be available through veterinarians only via online prescription. Vet Innovations distribution partner VetSource will deliver PortionPro Rx directly to pet parents throughout the U.S. and provide full customer service. Vet Innovations is exploring international distribution options to meet global demand.

Visit to learn more, view an introductory video, or contact Vet Innovations directly.

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Vet Innovations’ mission is to dramatically improve the lives of pets, pet parents, and veterinarians through groundbreaking technology to reduce pet obesity and enhance wellness. The company’s proprietary robotic-­‐based electromagnetic technology automatically identifies individual pets to control their access to devices, such as the PortionPro Rx, in daily living. Learn more at or Follow us on Twitter (@vetinnovations) and Linked In. Or email us at

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